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GM Patents Suggest an Aero Tech Future for the Corvette

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Recent patents filed by GM suggest that the Chevy Corvette could incorporate three types of aero-dynamic systems in the future: Active Side-Skirts, Active Spoilers, and Downforce Generating Ducts.

Active Side-Skirts

This feature adjusts turbulent air drag on the vehicle’s side, based on the current speed of the car. The side skirts extend or retract to maximize the vehicle’s aerodynamics according to conditions such as wheel rotation speed, as well as the vehicle’s speed as it relates to the road surface.

Active Spoilers

While some spoilers are simply for looks, this one improves the car’s performance on the track. This feature changes its position as needed for less drag or more downforce. Which position it takes depends on metrics like the vehicle speed, steering angle, and yaw rate.

Downforce Generating Ducts

As the name implies, these ducts are directly involved with controlling the vehicle’s downforce. The Downforce Generating Ducts are located on the roof and front lip of the car, as the GM patent illustrates and explains.

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The future of the Corvette’s design

Right now, it’s unclear whether GM will apply this technology to a specific vehicle. According to GM Authority contributor Aaron Brzozowski, these three aero-tech features will likely appear on the mid-engine Corvette C8, especially since the new 2019 Corvette ZR1 is such a superior embodiment of the brand’s latest achievements in the area of track-worthy performance and technology. However, even if GM doesn’t implement these three patented features on some version of the Corvette, it’s clear that the OEM is sharpening its focus on active aerodynamics to improve its models’ performance.

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