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GM Plans to Supply Energy to Its Arlington Assembly Plant Using Wind Power

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GM signed an agreement with Renewable Energy Systems to source 50 megawatts of wind energy to power 16 sites with 100 percent renewable energy

Any way the wind blows, that’s where GM will be drawing its power from

Recently, General Motors has been launching quite a few initiatives to make its business more sustainable and eco-friendly. Many of those initiatives involve utilizing various renewable energy sources.

In fact, GM recently announced that its assembly plant in Arlington, Texas, is set to be powered entirely by wind energy within the next few years.

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The Arlington assembly facility is located roughly four hours away from the Cactus Flats Wind Farm in Eden, Texas. Moving forward, GM plans to power the entire Arlington facility using electricity generated by the wind farm. GM is also planning to power its Texas-based offices with that same wind-generated energy.

“Renewable energy is an important part of GM’s vision for a zero emissions future,” stated Rob Threlkeld, global manager of renewable energy at GM.

11 millionth vehicle produced at Arlington Assembly

The Arlington Assembly location produces some of GM’s largest and least-efficient vehicles

The GM Arlington manufacturing facility currently employs approximately 4,300 workers, making it one of GM’s largest domestic plants. The facility is able to produce roughly 1,200 new vehicles a day.

Perhaps somewhat ironically, the vehicles assembled at the Arlington location happen to be some of GM’s least efficient models. Many of GM’s large SUVs, including the Suburban, Yukon, and Escalade, originate from the Arlington facility.

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As of right now, GM has a goal set in place to utilize renewable energy for all of its global operations by the year 2050. Currently, roughly 20 percent of GM’s operations utilize renewable resources, a strong first step toward achieving this goal.

In the near future, GM will likely begin utilizing renewable energy resources for many of its other domestic facilities.

News Source: CleanTechnica