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GM Poised to Open Cruise Automation Office in Seattle

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GM’s autonomous vehicle branch Cruise Automation just announced plans to open a new office in Seattle. Per GeekWire, this new location is set to hire as many as 200 engineers before the close of 2019.

Cruise’s CEO and co-founder Kyle Vogt articulated the reason behind choosing Seattle as a home base for the new office. “To continue growing a team that is diverse and rich in talent, we feel that it’s important to explore talent pools outside of the Bay Area, and Seattle’s vibrant tech community and proximity to our headquarters in San Francisco make it a logical choice.” Another reason is that Dan Kan, Cruise’s other co-founder and COO, called Seattle his boyhood home.

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Though Cruise Automation is still deciding the exact location of the new office, it’s likely that it will be just outside of the city, in Redmond or Bellevue, or in downtown Seattle. And while this development promises to bring in a bevy of new jobs for Seattle residents, the company currently has no plans to use the city as a testing ground for its autonomous technology.

The company’s expansion to Seattle elaborates on its healthy growth ever since GM acquired Cruise Automation just two years ago. In 2016, the corporation had just 40 employees. Now, it has 1,100. We anticipate more details in the days ahead as Cruise Automation moves ahead on the new office and announces its exact location in or near the Seattle area.

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