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GM Recommends Workplace Charging Etiquette Tips

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Workplace Charging Etiquette Tips - Chevy Volt

Charging the Volt

Last week, General Motors’ own blog, Fast Lane, put out a list of ten workplace charging etiquette tips, now that the technology is catching on. In fact, according to GM’s own EV infrastructure expert, Britta Gross, EVs begin to sell much faster once others become aware of how easy it is to charge their cars at work and at home.

General Motors leads by example, with more than 400 EV charge stations available for both employees and visitors.

In case you’re new to the world of EV workplace charging, we’ve summarized GM’s workplace charging etiquette tips for you below:

  1. Workplace Charging Etiquette TipsAlways be safe when charging. Take care of your cord properly at all stages of the process, tucking it under your car during the charging so that others do not trip or drive over it. Once you are finished charging, wind the cord onto its holder and tuck in any excess. Also important: do not let the cord contact the paint of other nearby vehicles.
  2. Only use EV spots if you have an EV. This one seems self-explanatory, but in case you were wondering, you should not use a charge spot for a plug-in vehicle as a parking space for your gasoline-powered car. Makes sense, right?
  3. Adhere to all signs. Obey all signs like other drivers must. For example, do not park in a handicapped spot just so you can get access to a charger.
  4. Don’t charge just because you can. If your car will be fine on the way home, do not waste the workplace’s electricity, and, more importantly, don’t use up a charge spot that someone in need could use.
  5. Get in line. There is no special treatment. These stations act on a first come, first served basis. If you’re consistently missing out on a spot when you get to work, try coming in earlier.
  6. All EVs are equal. You might be driving a pure battery electric vehicle, but that does not give you the right to unplug an extended-range electric vehicle just because you know that the car has a backup gas engine.
  7. Ask for a charge. If you need to charge your car but someone else is currently charging theirs, it’s okay to open your charge door and ask them to plug your car when they are finished.
  8. Hands off other EVs, unless they are finished charging. The rule of thumb is not to touch another person’s EV while charging. If it is very clear that the car is fully charged, then it is okay to remove the plug and place it into your own. If you do so, you must remember to close the charge door of the other vehicle.
  9. Charge like lightning (ba dum chh). If you can, only remain in the charging spot while actually charging. As soon as you are finished, say sayonara and let someone else begin to charge. If you can’t wait with your vehicle, you can use the OnStar Remote Link App to let you know via text or email when your car is finished charging. Cool, right?
  10. Don’t abuse your company’s workplace charging stations. This is a privilege, not a right. If your company is cool enough to offer workplace charging stations, be grateful.

Do you have any other workplace charging etiquette tips from your own positive (or negative) experiences? Tell us about them below.