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GM Subjected the CarbonPro Truck Bed to a Series of Demanding Tests

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The CarbonPro composite box proved its durability during these tests
Photo: GM

Durability was one of the most important aspects General Motors took under consideration when developing its new CarbonPro carbon fiber composite box. In fact, the durability of this new pickup truck bed was so important to GM that it developed a series of tests to ensure the CarbonPro box was as durable as possible.

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First and foremost, GM subjugated the CarbonPro box to a series of drop tests. GM dropped a set of cinder blocks, 1,800 pounds of gravel, and water-filled steel drums from varying heights to see how the CarbonPro bed would stand up.

Even though carbon fiber is naturally resistant to most forms of corrosion, GM also tested for corrosion resistance, just to make sure. For testing temperature resistance, GM drove a truck equipped with a CarbonPro bed out to Yuma, Arizona, and Kapuskasing, Ontario, each representing a different spectrum of extreme weather. The CarbonPro box held up well in both environments.

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Finally, GM drove a snowmobile into the carbon fiber-reinforced bed to see how it would hold up to dents and scratching. After the vehicle was tested, the bed was only marked by minimal scratching. Taken together, these tests demonstrate just how durable GM’s new CarbonPro material really is.

Of course, eager pickup truck fanatic still have to wait a little bit longer to purchase a truck with this exciting new feature. The CarbonPro box will be exclusive to the upcoming GMC CarbonPro Edition at first, with the CarbonPro technology expanding to the rest of the GMC Sierra lineup starting with the 2020 model year.

News Source: GMAuthority