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GM Trademarks ‘Avenir,’ ‘Sport Touring’ Model Names

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2015 Buick Avenir Concept

2015 Buick Avenir Concept
Photo: © General Motors

Know what would be a really crappy and underhanded thing for another automaker to do? Take the name of one of its competitors’ popular concept vehicles and apply it to a vehicle of their own because said competitor failed to apply for a trademark. Buick must have considered this possibility and said something to the effect of “nuh uh” before deciding to file a trademark application for the name “Avenir.”

Does this mean that Buick has budged from its previous position of “looking at” bringing its flagship concept to production? Unlikely, but still, one can dream. Buick is likely a long while away from moving forward on making the Avenir a reality, but another pair of trademarks might suggest that it’s got something else in the works.

Buick also applied for trademarks for “Buick Regal Sport Touring” and “LaCrosse Sport Touring. This seems to suggest Buick considering performance-minded variants of its Regal and LaCrosse. Here’s wishful thinking that the Regal Sport Touring is, in fact, Buick’s way of answering our plea to bring the Insignia Sports Tourer stateside.

Opel Insignia Sports Tourer


As per always, don’t read too deeply into this development. While it would be great to get a Buick flagship and a couple of performance wagons all around the same time, it’s probably not in the brand’s immediate plans.

Via: CarScoops