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GMC Ends 2018 With 3.5 Percent Sales Growth in Fourth Quarter

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A relatively strong fourth quarter helped reduce GMC's yearly sales losses to a mere 0.8 percent decline

An impressive final sales quarter helped GMC end 2018 with near-identical sales to 2017

The current consumer market has a taste for larger vehicles like trucks and SUVs. While that’s bad news for many of the General Motors brands, it’s definitely ideal for GMCs, which saw a sales growth of 3.5 percent during the fourth quarter of 2018.

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In total, GMC sold a total of 160,525 vehicles in the U.S. in the fourth quarter. In Q4 2017, it only managed to sell 155,053 vehicles.

By the end of the year, GMC was the GM brand affected least by any sales declines, with sales for the brand only down 0.8 percent with a total of 556,449 vehicles sold.

The Terrain experienced a major sales boost last year

The GMC model with the most impressive sales during the year’s final quarter was undeniably the Terrain, which saw a 65 percent increase last quarter. The Terrain also had the most impressive sales showing of any GMC model during 2018 as a whole. GMC ended 2018 with 114,314 Terrain vehicles sold, a 33.8 percent sales increase.

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The newly redesigned GMC Sierra also managed to gain some sales during the fourth quarter. Sierra sales were up by 6.1 percent. The Sierra remains GMC’s best-selling model. By the end of 2018, GMC successfully sold 219,554 Sierra pickup trucks.

While Canyon sales may have been down during the fourth quarter, they were still on the rise throughout the rest of the year

GMC’s other truck, the Canyon, didn’t fare so well during the fourth quarter. Sales for the Canyon were down 7 percent. But the Canyon’s sales were up for the year as a whole — 33,492 units sold for a 4.3 percent increase.

2019 GMC Acadia All Terrain

The Acadia is losing sales to its smaller cousin

Of GMC’s mainline models, the Acadia lost the most sales during 2018. GMC sold a total of 88,621 Acadia models last year, down from the 111,276 Acadias it sold in 2017.

Yukon sales were also down last year. Fortunately, the sales decline was much smaller, going from 84,242 units sold in 2017 to 80,784 units sold in 2018.

2018 GMC Savana Passenger Van

GMC’s Savana fleet is failing to attract customers

Finally, GMC’s commercial model, the Savana, is losing quite a bit of ground. The Savana’s fourth quarter sales were down by 47.3 percent, while the model’s sales fell 33.7 percent during the year as a whole.

To examine how each of GMC’s vehicles performed during the 2018 sales year, take a glance at the sales chart below.

GMC Fourth Quarter 2018 Sales