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GM’s Speak Up For Safety Program Proves Effective

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Chevy Tahoe

Recalls are never really a good thing. They have hit the industry hard, from ignition switches at GM, to widespread airbag problems, to diesel engines from VW that are made to trick emissions tests. However, in the case of General Motors’ latest recall, it could be a perfect demonstration of the automaker’s commitment to the safety of its customers and their passengers.

In the midst of the big ignition switch recall of 2014, GM started a new company program called Speak Up For Safety. Instead of employees staying silent and fearing retribution if they notice an error or malfunction in a vehicle, like they did in the main ignition switch recall, they are encouraged to talk to their supervisors. The supervisors are then required to submit the issue to the program to help move an internal investigation forward.

A GM employee driving his own vehicle recently noticed an engineering issue. When he returned to the office, the problem was submitted using the Speak Up For Safety form. Now the vehicles that need repairs are being brought into dealerships before anyone even notices the issue while driving. While drivers might just think this is the latest recall out of many swamping the auto industry, they should see this latest one from General Motors as a complete shift in company culture and the beginning of a new way of thinking.

News Source: GM Authority