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Goji Identifies How You Can Save On Car Insurance

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“I love throwing away money!”

If you’ve had that thought while paying your insurance premium bill, you probably pay the same arm and leg that most us do to keep our automotive butts covered. It’s undeniably disheartening being required to throw money into a bottomless void for something that might never happen–and if it does, you’ll still be required to pay even more. During 99% of the days in your life, auto insurance just feels like a big financial drain.

Yet we resign ourselves to paying the number at the bottom of those six-month statements without taking the effort to look for a better rate. Obviously, going from company to company to get a quote while being pestered with a dozen representatives doesn’t feel worth the savings.

So what if you could compare quotes without all that hassle?

That’s what the new website claims to do to for its users who want to save on car insurance. But how does the website work, and what are some of the factors it calculates? And ultimately, does it even work?

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How Comparing Rates and Life Status Changes Can Help You Save On Car Insurance

While Goji is still a young company fresh on the scene, it’s gotten a lot of attention for its website. Asserting that it intends to reinvent the way people shop for car insurance, the company’s site features an online rate estimator intended specifically to help people save on car insurance. That does seem to be a fairly straightforward pitch.

According to Goji CEO and founder, Justin Dangel, “Technology has changed the way highly-personalized industries like retail, travel and real estate do business, but the $200 billion auto insurance industry has somewhat lagged behind.”

Apart from the obvious name and email, users will provide their zip code, car model, birthday, marital status, length of licensure, homeowner status, and gender. From over 15 insurance companies, the site will use the information provided to whittle the count down to the best offerings, along with contact information. On the surface, it appears to be an effective system. The website itself is straight-forward, easy to use, and is more reliable than other “comparative” services which only show you higher rates from competitors than the quote you’re getting  (yeah, you know who we’re talking about).

Goji Website Screen shot helps save on car insurance
But what can we learn from Goji if we’re already satisfied with the insurance we have?

The Huffington Post was able to glean some insight into how major life changes can affect insurance rates. These include:

  • Getting Married: Combining auto insurance opens up a world of discounted rates and better coverage that is even further improved by combining with homeowners insurance
  • Having a Baby: Finding a more reliable vehicle with a better safety rating for your children means less liability and severity of accidents
  • Going to College: Children who attend colleges over 100 miles away from their parents will give mom and dad 10-20% discounts on auto insurance rates

We recommend you check out and see if it can help you save on car insurance. After all, who doesn’t like a little more money in the bank instead of the bottomless void?

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