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Goldfinch Rides like Royalty in Its Own Uber

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Photo: FreeStocks

Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re looking for a Prince Charming that knows how to have a good time while still being responsible, you might want to check out Utah. An intoxicated resident of Clinton came upon a stranded baby bird, and instead of driving drunk, he sent it safely to an animal rescue – in its own Uber.

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Fox 13 of Salt Lake City reports that Tim Crowley – who has an appropriate avian name – was at a neighbor’s house in late June enjoying some drinks. While they were out on the lawn, a baby bird fell near them.

The bird expert in that part of Utah is the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah, and Crowley communicated with them. Thanks to pictures he sent of the small bird, experts at the center determined it was a two-week-old Lesser Goldfinch. Since it couldn’t fly away on its own, they asked If he could bring the bird in.

The same traits that had led Crowley to rescue the tiny bird are probably led to what he did next. He was too intoxicated to drive, so he did what any sensible smartphone user would: called an Uber.

Reportedly, one driver came and left without taking on a tiny, fathered passenger because they thought the request seemed like a scam. The second driver was less skittish and drove the baby bird as their sole rider to the rescue center.

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According to the staff at WRCNU, if the bird had not made it to the center, it would have died. I’m sure everyone is grateful that Crowley’s good heart not only saved this small life but the lives of the motorists on the road he might have encountered if he had driven intoxicated to the rescue.

News Source: Fox 13