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Good News: 2019 Prius to Be Styled Similar to Prius Prime

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2017 Toyota Prius Prime exterior

The 2017 Toyota Prius Prime

Good news, fans of efficient driving and of tasteful car design. You’ll once again be able to find both in the Toyota Prius, which will be redesigned to look more akin to the more handsome Prius Prime plug-in hybrid.

Let’s face it: the current-gen Prius is not a pretty car. When it was introduced in 2015, its design was not at all well received. Toyota clearly tried to go for a sportier, more exciting style that would help break the perception that the Prius was a slow and boring car, but it backfired when the designers gave the front end so many jarring lines and angles that it looked as though they had tried to create the three-dimensional version of a mangled tesseract.

The new Prius Prime that was introduced two years later, on the other hand, made a much more positive impression. It boasts a more subdued design that was nonetheless attractive and sporty, which is likely what the regular Prius had originally been aiming for.

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It therefore only makes sense that Toyota would alter the design of the 2019 Prius to be more in line with that of the Prius Prime for its mid-generation refresh. What’s more, the new Prius will ride on an improved version of the company’s TNGA modular platform, and the 1.8-liter four-cylinder and two-motor hybrid powertrain may also get an update—though we’ll readily admit it is already so competent as to not need one.

So if you held out on getting a new Prius because of the design and are still waiting to get your hands on a new hybrid, there’s your chance. The 2019 Prius is expected to arrive to the US in December 2018.

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