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Good Samaritans Save Truck Driver in Blizzard

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Pennsylvania Human Chain

Road conditions during last weekend’s blizzard were truly treacherous, but still there were motorists on the roadways. When one tractor trailer veered off the side of the road on Friday night on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, it took a team of perfect strangers to pull the driver from the cab (and restore some of our faith in humanity).

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According to Arlyn Satanek, another truck driver on the road, the weather had just taken a turn for the worse outside of Pittsburgh. As he drove, he watched the semi truck in front of him swerve and, in the words of Saranek himself, “wipe out.”

As Satanek brought his vehicle to a safe stop, he noticed that there were people running towards the truck. There was fuel on the highway, and Satanek reports that there was smoke coming from the wreckage of the vehicle.  After he checked on the driver and came up the hill, Satanek says that the other responders seemed to just know what to do. They formed a human chain to inch down the steep decline and help grab the truck driver and bring him to safety.

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When interviewed by news teams later, Mr. Satanek said, “When it comes down it, and someone is in a catastrophic, dangerous situation, for most people I think their instinct is ‘I got to help.’”

The identity and condition of the truck driver is unknown at this time. We hope that everyone who was stuck in last weekend’s horrific blizzard is safe and sound at home.

News Source: NBC New York