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Google Reports a Dramatic Spike in Dash Cam Purchases in 2018

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Driving a vehicle comes with its set of risks. Mistakes you make behind the wheel can cost you your life or the lives of others. In an effort to hold ourselves and others accountable, dash cams have quickly become mainstream.

Rather than play the he-said-she-said game, it looks like consumers are turning to dashboard cameras, or dash cams, as an added form of self-insurance. If you’re in an accident and have a dash cam installed, you have physical video evidence of the event. This helps determine beyond a reasonable doubt who was at fault for the accident, which is helpful for criminal prosecution as well as insurance purposes. “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth 10 thousand,” said the Consumer Technology Association’s senior director of research, Steve Koenig.

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While they started off as police-focused technology, dash cams have made their way into everyday passenger cars galore. In fact, Google’s 2018 Automotive Trends Report shows that three times as many searches for “dash cams” are performed than for “autonomous driving.” This may largely be attributed to the fact that dash cams have become so accessible.

Whether you purchase them at an aftermarket car accessory shop or simply order them on Amazon, they’re not difficult to get your hands on. You can even use your smartphone with a dash mount if needed. If you’re looking for a high-tech version, there are a few tech features to consider, including the video resolution, storage space, usability, and ability to film in low light.

The Consumer Technology Association reports that wholesale shipments of dash cams within the United States are up 20 percent since 2017. They are expecting to ship at least 285,000 in 2018.

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News Source: USA Today