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Google’s Self-Driving Cars Now Feature Google Doodles

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Part of the fun of Googling something is looking at the Google Doodle of the day. It seems like every day, Google changes its logo Doodle up, reminding us of certain holidays. Now, it looks like Google is incorporating these popular Google Doodles in a different way—on its self-driving cars.

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Google recently invited artists in California to design artwork for the Google cars, themed around their community and neighbors. These designs are meant to connect the autonomous vehicles with the community they are tested in, Mountain View, and its surrounding areas. Here are a few of the selected pieces chosen by Google to be featured on its autonomous cars:

Google Doodle on Google Car Parks Google Doodle on Google Car Birds Google Doodle on Google Car Park Playing Google Doodle on Google Car Roller Coaster

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This Google initiative, called “Paint the Town,” is helping its self-driving cars become blank canvases for public art. Now, the tech giant is asking people in Austin to submit their artwork to this moving art experiment, making it possible for artists in the Texas capital to see their masterpieces out on the road.

While “Paint the Town” might merely be a community-focused Google movement right now, just imagine if there was a way to personalize your car in the future. Who knows? Maybe having a Google Doodle on your car in the future will be as simple as picking a new phone cover.

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