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Google’s Self-Driving Cars Take More Precautions Around Children

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Google Self-Driving Cars Children Awareness

Google’s self-driving car is more aware when it is around children

Every adult knows how unpredictable children can be. One minute, a child can be as sweet as an angel—only to turn into a tantrum-throwing devil in a millisecond. Because of the unpredictability of children, Google is ensuring its self-driving cars can understand children better than most parents can.

Because of children’s erratic behaviors—including darting into streets and down sidewalks—Google has made a concerted effort to teach its adorably tiny self-driving cars how to act around children.

How? By asking kids to play around the parked car. This allows the car to silently learn their behaviors, picking up natural patterns in children’s play and movements. The result is a group of autonomous cars that can predict when one of the little kiddies out on the road might jump out in front of the car. Google’s cars even have special sensors that can see children hiding between parked cars, allowing the cars to be even safer.

If this is the future of driving, then self-driving vehicles are definitely the way to go. Not only are they safer around children, but these innovative cars are also significantly safer than human-powered vehicles.

News Source: Gizmodo