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Got $30K? Buy Johnny Cash’s Black 1991 MB 560SEL This Weekend

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Johnny Cash’s Black 1991 MB 560SEL

Johnny Cash’s Black 1991 MB 560SEL

How would you feel about driving a Mercedes-Benz? Okay, then how would you feel about driving a Mercedes-Benz driven by one of the greatest singer/songwriters of our or any generation? If you’ve got $30,000 to pony up, you can buy Johnny Cash’s black 1991 MB 560SEL.

Yes, of course his Mercedes was black. That was kind of his thing.

Mercedes-Benz tweeted a Craigslist link posted by Treasures of Ojai, an antiques and vintage store in Ojai, California. Johnny Cash’s black 1991 MB 560SEL will be part of a large estate sale that will begin today and end tomorrow at 4 p.m. The estate sale will be held on behalf of Cindy Cash, the daughter of arguably the greatest country singer ever born. The sale will include items from the estate of Johnny and June Carter Cash.

Skip ahead to 8:12 in the video to see Johnny Cash’s black 1991 MB 560SEL. Also, note the fact that your camera operator is clearly Michael Myers from Halloween.

If one might be wondering why the daughter Cash is selling so many valuable pieces that are no doubt priceless to her, she says the following in a YouTube comment on the video you see above:

“This is Cindy Cash. Just a note about this sale. I am relocating and have kept so many items that are dear to me. However, my siblings and I were very blessed and we all inherited so much. I simply don’t have a place for everything and it’s been living in storage for 10 years. It’s just time to bring it out and let someone enjoy it. Thus, my decision to share some of these items with others. Thank you. Cindy Cash”

Other items include Cash’s briefcase, three autographed guitars, and a birthday letter for June-Carter Cash from President Bill Clinton.

Ever astute, Jalopnik notes that there are plenty of shots of the vehicle’s exterior but nothing on the interior condition and no information as to the vehicle’s mileage or whether or not is has been driven in the time since Cash’s passing. They also give a bit of history on the particular model: the 1991 560SEL was the last of the W126-era S-Classes and was the best seller of them all. It is not particularly rare, but its legacy is one that has held up over 20-plus years.

If you happen to reside in California, stop by the estate sale this weekend and let us know what you find. And if you are the one who ends up buying Johnny Cash’s black 1991 MB 560SEL, then shoot us a picture of yourself with it (though we’d prefer one where you’re not flipping us the bird).