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“Gotham” Star David Mazouz Promotes New Campaign from Chevrolet and

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The actor, who portrays a young Bruce Wayne on television, was recruited by Chevy and to promote the "Brake It Down" safety campaign

At one point or another, you’ve encountered a driver like this

There’s not just one type of bad driver out on the road. Rather, bad drivers come in an assortment of varieties, each posing a different threat to the motorists around them.

It’s best to curb these bad driving habits at a young age. To help with that process, Chevrolet is teaming up with for the “Brake it Down” campaign.

Now through September 15, young people nationwide can take the “Brake it Down” quiz by texting “BRAKE” to 38383. Using this quiz, they will be able to learn about the on-road habits of their friends.

Based on the results of this quiz, participants will receive customized driving tips to share with friends. Furthermore, by participating, they’ll be entered to win a $5,000 scholarship.

To promote this new campaign, Chevrolet and teamed up with actor David Mazouz. Mazouz is most famous for portraying a young Bruce Wayne (aka Batman) on Fox’s television series Gotham.

Mazouz appears in a short video promoting the campaign. The young actor portrays four different types of bad drivers in the video.

Image result for batmobile crash gif

Batman would no doubt be his own breed of bad driver

First is the Late Date, who is rushing to make it to a little soirée on time. Next, Mazouz does a reverse Ben Affleck and goes from portraying Batman to the Daredevil. Only, instead of being a blind superhero, he is the more traditional automotive daredevil.

For the final two performances, Mauzouz goes from portraying a bad driver to portraying a bad passenger. The “Chatty Cathy” simply won’t stop distracting the driver through their incessant talking, while the “Karaoke Champ” belts out cringe-worthy renditions of Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” and Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years.”

You can watch the entire promo down below:

While Mazouz may offer a unique cover of Carlton’s hit song, it simply can’t compete with the classic rendition by Terry Crews.