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GR Yaris Hot Hatch Could Get Even Hotter GRMN Variant

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Toyota GR Yaris prototype
Photo: Toyota Gazoo Racing

The Toyota GR Yaris hot hatch isn’t even out yet, but already there are rumors it may get an even hotter variant bearing the GRMN badge.

When Naohiko Saito, chief engineer for the GR Yaris, was asked by Australia’s Motoring if Toyota Gazoo Racing would consider a more powerful version of the all-new hot hatch, he said “In the future, maybe we can” before adding that such a car was still “under consideration.”

This seems to imply the car has yet to be greenlit for production, but insiders indicated a potential GRMN model would weigh even less than the already lightweight 2,600-pound GR Yaris, and Saito himself said that early in the development of the car, his team has carried out a feasibility study for a full carbon fiber body.

The new Yaris only features a carbon fiber-reinforced polymer roof, so it’s quite possible the team may have set aside some of the other carbon components for a more performance-focused GRMN — though from what we’ve seen so far, the regular GR Yaris is no slouch at all.

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“Parts like forged carbon-fibre front fenders will likely replace the steel items, which are retained on the standard GR Yaris to appease motorsport teams who don’t want expensive or exotic materials that will be regularly damaged in competition,” Motoring says. “A set of ultra-light alloy rims, composite rear windows and a delete option of the air-conditioning system and rear seat could shave as much as 100kg from the Yaris GR’s kerb weight.”

An engineer also revealed that the new 1.6-liter three-cylinder turbo, which is claimed to put out over 250 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque in the GR Yaris prototype, still had a lot to give.

It’s a lot of rumors, but considering the current-gen Yaris already has a GRMN version, it doesn’t seem like a stretch to expect the next one will too. Especially with how much focus Toyota has been putting on performance-enhanced models as of late.

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