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Gravity-Defying Art Sculpture Suspends Vauxhall Corsa Upside-Down

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Vauxhall Corsa art sculpture Alex Chinneck UK red pavement 2

Imagine seeing this mind-blowing sight in your local parking lot!
© GM Company

Rarely does our interest stretch across the Atlantic Ocean to what UK-exclusive brand Vauxhall Motors is up to (unless it concerns us, of course). But for its latest jaw-dropping advertising stunt, we’re making an exception.

To draw attention to the next generation of the Corsa supermini, the General Motors subsidiary partnered with renowned artist Alex Chinneck to create a public installation titled “Pick yourself up and pull yourself together.”

The illusionary work of art is a spectacular, gravity-defying sculpture of a parking space made of asphalt peeled back with an actual Corsa suspended upside-down, gripping the road with no visible support.

Vauxhall Corsa art sculpture Alex Chinneck UK red pavement

Skilled installation artist and sculpter Alex Chinneck flips our expecations
© GM Company

Like most of Chinneck’s achievements, he started with a simple idea and worked backwards to engineer it, working with a team of structural engineers to merge art and engineering. The final product was installed overnight at London’s Southbank Center, under the gaze of the London Eye, so no one could see it being assembled.

Chinneck hoped the “effortlessly curling road” would give an unexpected appearance of fluidity to the asphalt, contrasting the rough and gritty material to the bright and polished car. That way, every onlooker could appreciate the feat for different reasons.

“While I am most excited by the hidden engineering and complex manipulation of concealed steel, others will simply enjoy the accessible theatricality of the illusion at play,” said Alex Chinneck. “I try to make everyday situations as extraordinary as they can be.”

If the curled pavement mesmerized you as much as it did us, discover the secrets in the behind-the-scenes video below: