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Guinness Endorses Pennsylvania Man’s Chevrolet Memorabilia Collection as Largest in the World

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Chevrolet Memorabilia Collection

Pennsylvania man’s Chevrolet memorabilia collection is deemed largest in world

Charles Mallon owns 2,014 Corvettes. If you think that’s a lot, you’re right; in fact, it’s more than anyone else in the world. Of course, only one of these Corvettes is big enough for Mallon to drive; the other 2,013 are miniature models that make up the main attraction in Mallon’s collection of Chevrolet memorabilia, a collection recently recognized by Guinness as the largest of its kind in the world.

While, according to Mallon’s mother, he’s been obsessed with Corvettes since he was a toddler, Mallon began to consciously stockpile collectibles at age 14. “I would bring home three models, then five models, and you get carried away,” Mallon recollected. Mallon, who now works as a consultant helping car dealerships enhance their on-site resources, explains his special, singular attraction to the Corvette. “I’m into cars of all shapes and sizes, but growing up it was probably the look and the sound of the Corvette. It’s America’s sports car.”

Mallon is not alone in his addiction. In fact, he’s met people who have collected many more model cars than he has, but they lack the focus on the Corvette that makes Mallon’s collection so special and set it apart from the pack. Just like the Corvette itself, Mallon’s collection, while still the largest in the world, is ultimately built on quality rather than quantity.


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