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Guy Modifies Car To Spray Juice Into His Mouth

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Car modification is an old and noble practice, pushing the limits of what the manufacturer originally designed a vehicle to do. Some of these modifications have led to incredible advances in vehicle performance.

On the other hand, some are like the following, as a guy in Alberta modified his car’s windshield washer fluid dispensing system to spray a stream of kombucha into his mouth.

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If you couldn’t watch the video, the video boils down to this guy, named Daniel Tillotson, emptying all of the windshield wiper fluid from the reservoir, then repeatedly flushing it with water before instead filling it with bottled kombucha. He also redirects the car’s wiper fluid tubes and adds his own new tubes to run through the firewall and up to a suction cup mount. Finally, he was able to push on the windshield wiper fluid button and spray kombucha right into his mouth/face/front of his shirt/pants.

So, clearly this is a goofy creation, with even Tillotson calling it “Officially the stupidest thing I have ever made,” and it is kind of funny to watch him just get hosed over and over with sticky fermented tea. It almost goes without saying, though, that this is not a great idea to do yourself.

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Your windshield wiper fluid is pretty toxic, containing up to 50% methanol, the same stuff that makes antifreeze dangerous to drink. Based on him saying that the tea tastes like soap, it seems likely that even his repeated flushing of the system didn’t get all the wiper fluid out.

So, while we applaud his intrepid engineering spirit, I think we aren’t going to abandon drinking from a bottle anytime soon.

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