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Harman Introduces All-New Digital Cockpit at CES 2018

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Harman Digital Cockpit CES 2018

Many new vehicle models come standard or offer available upgrades to Harman audio systems. Now, Harman and Samsung are taking it one step further with a Digital Cockpit, which debuted at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week.

CES is a trade show designed for technology companies to show off their new projects. Harman is a huge audio system creator for modern vehicles, so automotive had a close eye on them.

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The new Harman Digital Cockpit is designed to fit with all vehicle segments on the market, from sedans to SUVs and luxury models. There’s no limit to which vehicles this system could be offered on, so that information is still to come.

“Together with Samsung, we have increased innovation speed through scale, resources and competencies to help automakers focus on the car’s evolution from device-centric to experience centric,” said Harman’s President and CEO, Dinesh Paliwal.

This technology is also expected to push forward the initiative for autonomous vehicles. Harman claims that with this fully-integrated system, Samsung will be able to further expand its open autonomous platform. The Digital Cockpit is also expected to have an industry-first 5G-ready connectivity.

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Harman and Samsung have been open about their intentions, citing investments in smaller start-up companies to improve in-vehicle technology across all brands and all segments.

“HARMAN has the heritage and expertise in automotive, and collectively HARMAN and Samsung harness our best technologies and global scale to accelerate how we better serve the needs of automakers in this rapidly evolving automotive market.”

The new Digital Cockpit is customizable, so new drivers can choose which interior features they’d like to have. The system offers projection-mode services for in-vehicle communication so you won’t have to take your eyes off the road. The platform also improves smartphone connectivity with things like virtual personal assistants and augmented reality.

Full gallery of the all-new Digital Cockpit:

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