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Harry Styles and James Corden Spotted Filming Crosswalk Concert

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Seiichi Miyake Tenji bricks bumpy pavement tiles in japan crosswalk intersection
Photo: ketou-daisuki via cc/Flickr

Last week, Los Angeles drivers stopped at the red light on the intersection of Beverly and Genesee were treated to a performance. Instead of a typical musical, like The Late Late Show has staged in the past, this was more of a concert. Who did James Corden choose to help him break the mold of a tried-and-true show segment? Harry Styles, of course!

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This isn’t Styles’ first appearance on The Late Late Show, as he’s shown up numerous times as a solo act and a member of One Direction. The singer also rode along in Carpool Karaoke, got his own #LateLateStyles week, and hosted an episode of the show when James Corden’s family welcomed a new baby. He even played in a U.S.A. vs. U.K. dodgeball game and got hit in the family jewels by Michelle Obama.

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The photos and video from the filming of this particular segment show Harry Styles singing in a variety of setups. It seems like there were several songs he performed using a microphone stand and backup dancers in a more typical concert setup (besides the part where it was in a crosswalk). Other songs included dancing in front of cars and sitting on them, prompting many thirsty tweets on Twitter. Finally, at least one of the songs used in the segment involved Styles gliding across the intersection on a zip line.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled to see when this segment will hit the airwaves and the internet. If you simply can’t wait, there are videos and pictures galore splashed all over social media.