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Mazda HAZUMI Concept in Geneva is Basically Next Mazda2

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Mazda brought an incredibly hot hatch with them to the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, and it's a pretty safe bet that it'll be ours to drive within the next few years.

HAZUMI Concept in Geneva

This concept render of the HAZUMI, leaked two weeks ago, was real deal Holyfield.

So you remember last week when Autofilou posted a render of the HAZUMI Concept that was scheduled to debut at the Geneva Motor Show the following week? Remember how I made some tongue-in-cheek comment about the render likely not being official because the wheels were sinking into the floor? Welp, nope. That was an official render indeed. In fact we can put that and a lot of other speculation to bed after seeing the Mazda HAZUMI Concept at Geneva this week, particularly as to whether or not the concept subcompact is the prelude to the next generation Mazda2. Because, yeah, it is.

The HAZUMI Concept is the continuation of Mazda’s KODO—Soul of Motion design language, granting the little hatchback a more aggressive face, bold lines, and a stance that embodies the HAZUMI name (HAZUMI meaning “bound” or “spring up,” as would a wild animal ready to attack). If you need any more proof that the HAZUMI is basically the next-gen Mazda2 parading around under a nom de zoom (zoom zoom), one need only look at the gallery of images on the Geneva Auto Show site. The concept isn’t listed as the HAZUMI; no, sir, it’s called a Mazda2.  SPOILERS!

2014 Geneva Motor Show Lineup

The Mazda HAZUMI Concept Car (which is basically the next Mazda2) / Photo Courtesy of Geneva Motor Show

HAZUMI Concept in Geneva (Photos Courtesy of the Geneva Motor Show)

Sadly, the HAZUMI Concept at Geneva was something of a mystery past its bold looks. Mazda’s press release confirmed that the HAZUMI incorporates not only the KODO design language, but SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY, Mazda Proactive Safety, and the next generation of the Mazda Connect car connectivity system.

Mazda HAZUMI Concept Render Gallery

“Mazda HAZUMI indicates the exciting direction of Mazda’s products which, with no exception, will deliver Mazda’s unique driving pleasure,” said Mazda President and CEO Masamichi Kogai. “We hope that they will enrich people’s lives, and help build a strong and lasting bond between Mazda and our customers.”

HAZUMI Concept Interior Sketches

Given the torrid love affair between drivers and enthusiasts and the newly-redesigned Mazda3 and Mazda6, the bond between drivers and the Best Brand in Kelley Blue Book’s 5-Year Cost to Own Awards is certain to only continue to grow if the HAZUMI Concept in Geneva becomes the 2015 Mazda2 in showrooms.

Would you drive the HAZUMI/next-gen Mazda2?