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Health Benefits of Traveling

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January 9th is known as National Shop for Travel Day. The Travel Technology Association established this holiday as a way to celebrate the pleasure of traveling as well as the nifty apps and modern technology that helps us to make vacation plans more easily.

In honor of this special event, here are some health-related reasons to travel to help inspire you to book your next getaway.

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Health Benefits of Traveling


Photo: pxhereEnhances your brain’s health

Per the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, those who travel tend to have the qualities of openness and emotional stability. Furthermore, all of the walking around that you do to see the new locations and go on new adventures during your getaway will increase your endorphins. This, in turn, will help boost your mood. Wherever you travel to, you’ll likely spend a substantial amount of time outside—and it turns out that the fresh air alone will help boost your energy and mental clarity, since your body soaks in more oxygen and sunlight when you’re outdoors.

Lowers your risk of heart disease

According to research from the Framingham Heart Study, people who travel annually were less likely to suffer a heart attack or develop heart disease. Those who travel tend to participate in physical activity more frequently during their getaway than when going about their daily (often sedentary) routine. Walking and other physical activity helps strengthen your heart, increase your oxygen supply, and help keep your arteries healthy—three things which significantly curb bad cholesterol and reduce high blood pressure.


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Helps you manage stress

In 2013, the American Psychological Association performed a survey titled “Stress in America.” The results indicated that vacations can aid stress management because they physically take us away from stressful environments and/or activities that induce negative stress.

Improved productivity at work

Workers who return from even a short vacation return to work feeling mentally focused so we can be more productive on the job. Researchers from the University of Michigan claim that one major reason that traveling helps sharpen our attention is that we spend more time in nature when we take a trip. The study contrasted students who walked around in an arboretum with those who walked around city streets of Ann Arbor. Both groups took a cognitive test after this experience. The results indicated that those who spent time in the natural setting of the arboretum had notably higher test scores than those who spent time in the urban setting.

Increased creativity

Taking in new sights and experiences is a great way to regain your sense of inspiration. Planning the trip itself will help foster creative thinking and innovative problem solving, because traveling helps push you outside of your own perspective and beyond your comfort zone.

These are just some of the many reasons why you should kick off the new year with a new escape. And, since it’s National Shop for Travel Day, why not start planning your trip today?



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