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Here Is What Chevy Should Call Its Crossover Volt Replacement

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Chevy is likely going to replace its plug-in hybrid Volt with a crossover sometime soon, and although it seems like it is going to call the replacement the CrossVolt, I’m not sure if that is the best choice.

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The self-driving Chevrolet-FNR concept

Better Names

So here are some proposed names, sticking to the electrical theme:

Capacitor: The original word refers to a device that stores electrical energy, and has a nice alliteration to it.

Resistor: Originally, this means any device that presents resistance to an electric flow. The metaphor for resisting the flow of the market toward gasoline engines is pretty good, here.

Amp: This is short for “ampere,” a unit of electrical flow. The potential for pun-tastic ads is pretty good here, and it keeps up Chevy’s habit of naming electric cars with one-syllable words.

Proton: This one is a subatomic particle that makes up the nucleus of an atom (along with neutrons) and has a positive charge. The name evokes a positive feeling thanks to the “pro-” prefix, and sounds properly science-y.


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Guy holding Stop Sign


Of course, not all of my ideas are entirely excellent, so here are the electrical-related names that I left on the cutting room floor, with a brief reason why it didn’t make the cut.

Distributor: Brings to mind a delivery vehicle, a joyless dropper-offer of stuff

Generator: Doesn’t actually generate electricity

Inductor: Sounds like the name of the world’s weirdest wrestler

Pulse: Is actually a real car, a tiny Renault hatchback

Ohm: Is the name of a car battery brand, and makes you think of meditation, so is hardly exciting

Solenoid: Goes out the other side of sounding science-y into sounding like a species of Star Trek alien from a lazy writer



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