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Here’s a Quick Rundown of the myChevrolet Mobile App

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2019 Chevrolet Chevy Blazer red
The myChevrolet app lets you control parts of your vehicle without being near it

To stay on the cutting edge and keep customers up-to-date, an automaker must present opportunities for vehicle owners to be connected to their cars at all times. Many mobile apps can give you insight on your vehicle and even allow you to control it remotely. The myChevrolet app from Chevy does this and so much more.

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How do you get the app?

The myChevrolet mobile app is compatible with most Apple and Android devices. It can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. From there, you’ll need to enter your OnStar Owner Center credentials to get started.

What does it do?

The myChevrolet app can be used for three main things: Remote Commands, Vehicle Management, and Owner Resources. Within these sections, Chevy owners have the ability to manage and update many areas of their vehicle, ranging from navigation to Wi-Fi.

myChevrolet app information 2019
All you need to get started is a compatible smart device and your OnStar credentials

Remote Commands

In the Remote Commands section of the app, you’ll be able to lock and unlock doors, remotely start and stop your vehicle, and even sound the car’s horn (if properly equipped). You can also locate your vehicle on a map, set and share custom notifications for arrivals and departures, and set boundary alerts via the Vehicle Locate section of Remote Commands.

Vehicle Management

In the Vehicle Management section of the myChevrolet app, you can schedule service at your preferred Chevrolet dealership, check for recalls, and learn how to use certain features of your vehicle via how-to videos. When you navigate to the Vehicle Status section of Vehicle Management, you’ll be able to check your fuel range, oil life, odometer, and tire pressure without even being in your vehicle. You can also manage Wi-Fi hotspot details like the name and password, and you can purchase data service plans.

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Owner Resources

The last section of the myChevrolet app is Owner Resources and it is, by far, the most comprehensive of the app. In this part of the app you can plan your next road trip via Send to Navigation by sending your destination to your vehicle’s built-in navigation system. You can also get insight on your driving skills and possibly qualify for insurance discounts in the Smart Driver section. When you visit My Rewards, you’ll be able to first enroll and then start earning points that can be used for things like accessories, service appointments, and even purchasing or leasing a new Chevrolet vehicle.

With all this information and capability in the palm of your hand, it’s hard not to download the myChevrolet app onto your smart device. If you’re a Chevy owner, we recommend taking advantage of this helpful perk.