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High-Tech License Plates That Alert First Responders in the Likelihood of a Crash

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Photo: Facts guru

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority claimed that it will start testing out smart license plates equipped with technology to automatically notify police and paramedics in the event of a crash. The item would also enable drivers to communicate with others on the road about any accidents they witness on the road or traffic spots they encounter, to help create a more informed driver experience for Dubai residents.

The plate would also display and send an alert if it or the vehicle it’s attached to gets stolen. An added bonus is that the license plate will automatically pay parking charges and pay the renewal fee for registration plates. The amount will be deducted from the license plate user’s account.

The tests will start in May with a proposed end date of November. While we don’t have an exact price tag for the smart license plate yet, according to Sultan Abdullah, this information should be released shortly after November, when the trial period concludes.

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The smart license plate design will have the capacity to transmit alerts and important messages to other drivers.
Photo: Facts guru

Like with any new technology, cybersecurity is a concern that many have about the smart license plates. Though the functions of the license plate definitely promise to increase convenience and safety for drivers, it could also make users more prone to personal data breaches, since the technology would require access to some of the owner’s personal information.

Smart license plates aren’t the only innovation that Dubai is pursuing at the moment. It’s currently working on getting flying taxis up and running by 2020, so they can make an appearance at the city’s World Expo event. By 2030, it hopes to have a self-driving fleet of vehicles that comprise 1/4 of its public transport. Just this past year, the city initiated a plan to implement drone taxis to help free up traffic hotspots.

We await more news about this exciting product as it undergoes testing next month in Dubai.

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