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Highlander’s Juice Box Claim Proves True

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Leave it to to dig up the juiciest stories; writer, Courtney Messenbaugh, had heard tell that the all-new 2014 Toyota Highlander was capable of comfortably fitting 60 juice boxes in the center console bin. She, like any normal human being, was a little suspicious of the claim, so she put the Highlander’s juice box capacity to the test. Turns out, Toyota wasn’t lying.

In fact, she and her oldest child were able to fit in plenty of other weird combinations of food items—and more. After the 60 juice boxes, Messenbaugh and her child moved on to drinking water. In total, they fit 24 bottles in, and likely could have fit more. Then Messenbaugh turned to diapers because why not; in total, she and her kid were able to cram two 21-count packs of large diapers in the center console bin.

2014 Toyota Highlander Interior

The 2014 Toyota Highlander’s console can house 60 juiceboxes.

But wait—there’s more! Messenbaugh also managed to shove in 12 protein bars, six kids’ energy bars, six packs of cheddar crackers, a box of 22 fruit snacks, two packs of seaweed chips, two small boxes of cookies, and two four-pack applesauce squeezers, all at once.

On the practical side of things, Messenbaugh comfortably stored her giant purse, laptop, and a magazine simultaneously. She also complimented the removable tray for sunglasses or other small items, like pens or loose change.

So it turns out that the Highlander’s juice box myth was no myth at all. You really can stuff 60 of those bad boys in there. But we have to wonder—who the heck is drinking 60 juice boxes between stops, and just how big are their bladders?