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Holden Now Has Access to the Entire GM Vehicle Portfolio

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2018 Holden Equinox LTZ-V

Holden’s options for imports just increased by a large margin

Late last year, Holden shut down the last of its manufacturing operations. As such, the future of the Holden brand appeared to be in a state of uncertainty.

However, recent reports suggest that while Holden will not be building any cars of its own, it will have plenty of models to choose from for imports. After all, General Motors has given Holden permission to choose any model from its entire vehicle lineup.

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Previously, Holden had imported GM models like the GMC Acadia and the Chevrolet Equinox to sell under the Holden brand name. This move would allow Holden to sell additional models from those brands, as well as vehicles from the Cadillac family.

Holden’s ability to adopt Cadillac models seems somewhat surprising. After all, recent rumors suggested that GM would be trying to launch the Cadillac brand in Australia once again. Previously, GM had intended for Cadillac to arrive in Australia back in 2009, but the recession at that time caused those plans to fall to the wayside.

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So, what kind of vehicles would Holden be interested in bringing to the Land Down Under? Unsurprisingly, trucks and SUVs.

“The facts are we can draw on a fantastic stable of SUVs and trucks,” explains David Buttner, the chairman and managing director for GM Holden.

Holden’s new arrangement with GM would also allow for the Australian brand to adopt GM’s proposed wave of new EVs and hybrids. By 2023, GM plans to introduce 20 new EVs in markets across the globe.

2019 Chevrolet Blazer

Don’t be too surprised if you see a Holden Blazer in the near future

Holden currently has a business arrangement with former GM brand Opel, which is currently owned by the PSA Group. This new arrangement with GM indicates that Holden’s partnership with Opel will likely only last until the contract expires in 2023.

As for which vehicles Holden will add to its lineup first, the upcoming Chevy Blazer seems like a plausible option. With Holden’s major manufacturing down for the count, the automaker will need to rely upon the success of GM as a whole for its own future prosperity.

News Source: CarsGuide