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Holiday-Themed Podcasts to Brighten Your Winter Road Trip

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While visiting friends and relatives can be fun, sometimes long drives can zap the pleasure out of holiday road trips. With so many dynamic podcasts available, you can easily keep the positive Christmas vibes going by tuning in to any of these engaging programs.

Midlife Christmas

Transport yourself to Habertown to navigate the humor and challenges of growing old. This independently produced podcast musical kicks off with episode 1, entitled “Midlife Christmas,” featuring an average grocer named Joe who plans a football game gathering for his guy friends on Christmas Day. What starts as a low-key party, however, soon escalates into drama at the local supermarket. For more information, click here.

Hack the Holidays

From DIY to Christmas survival strategies, this podcast has helpful advice for listeners of all ages. For pop-culture connoisseurs, check out “How to take the perfect selfie this Christmas” and “Hacks for staying stylish on a budget this party season.” Never sure what to talk about with the relatives and/or acquaintances you rarely see (except on holidays)? Curb the awkward by applying some of the tips from the “Hacks for starting conversations at Christmas parties” episode. Explore the full list of this program’s offerings here.

Elf Centered

Currently on its 24th episode, Elf Centered fuses The Office with North Pole happenings. From shoe conventions to earthquakes to pipelines, these relatable elves will help make your trip more interesting and less boring. Browse episodes on PlayerFM’s website here.

Stay tuned for more festive earworms to accompany your holiday travels in the days to come.