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Hollywood Auction Will Feature Elvis’s 1977 Cadillac Seville

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A Sea-Mist Green 1977 Cadillac Seville will headline a Hollywood auction set for this Saturday, Aug. 25, in Agoura Hills. This vehicle is supposedly the last one that Elvis Presley purchased before he died. Presley bought the Seville on Oct. 6, 1976 from Hillcrest Motors.

No sooner had he bought the car, however, than he met first-time car buyer Nancy Oxman. Maybe she was wandering the dealership lot with a confused, deer-in-the-headlights look on her face. Maybe she knew what she wanted in a car, but just didn’t want to commit. At any rate, Presley gifted the 19-year-old with this swanky ride.

The car will come with a notarized letter of authenticity from Oxman, as well as the registration and credit card receipt associated with the vehicle. The Seville will also come with a chain of ownership documentation to give the new owner proof of the car’s connection with Presley.

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The 1977 Seville isn’t the only car-themed example of the star’s generosity, however. Presley also gave cars to his personal psychic, Lou Wright, and a Colorado doctor who helped alleviate a snowmobiling rash Presley contracted on his face . These two vehicles will also be available for purchase at the auction this Saturday.

Considering that Aug. 16 marked the anniversary of Presley’s death, it seems fitting that the Seville and the two other vehicles will headline the Hollywood auction this Saturday. If you attend this event, prepare to bid high; the model’s Cadillac nameplate paired with its previous ownership are grounds for a hefty price tag.

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