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Honda Accord, Civic, & CR-V Earn 2018 Edmunds Best Retained Value Awards

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2018 Honda Accord Sport

Did you think the Honda awards train had stopped? Think again! The Honda Accord, Civic, and CR-V have each earned 2018 Edmunds Best Retained Value Awards, meaning that they were found to have the highest residual value after five years of ownership of any vehicle within their respective categories.

“Whether you buy or lease, understanding how much a car will depreciate is the key to getting the most for your money before you drive off the lot,” wrote the editors at “Smart shoppers know that vehicles with strong residual values help maximize your money at trade-in, or tend to have lower monthly lease payments.”

The Honda Civic topped the compact car category, the Accord the midsize car category, and the CR-V the compact SUV category. Additionally, the Honda HR-V, Ridgeline, and Odyssey were all featured as honorable mentions in the compact SUV, midsize truck, and large truck categories. The Honda brand itself also got an honorable mention.

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According to, the winners were models that had launched before the start of 2018, based on two major factors: their true market value over the first five months and the average projected five-year depreciation based on the first 12 months after the launch of each model.

“Buying a new car is a huge financial decision, and our 2018 Edmunds Best Retained Value Awards are designed to help shoppers discover the brands and vehicles that can help them get the most out of their investment,” said Avi Steinlauf, Edmunds’ CEO. “This year’s winners underscore a commitment to quality and reliability, and are good bets to hold their value over the course of ownership.”

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