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Honda and NBC Partner for “Saturday Night Line” Videos

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Honda and NBCUniversal Launch “Saturday Night Line"

If you’ve ever tried to get into a show in New York City without a ticket—be it a morning chat show, a Broadway matinee, or a late night television program—you know the burden of the standby line. You stand out in the cold, on the sidewalk, behind a metal barricade, waiting sometimes hours on end for just the chance that someone who has a ticket won’t show up, and you’ll get their seat.

That’s why Honda and NBC have partnered to do something nice for the loyal Saturday Night Live devotees who wait in the standby line days in advance of the show, by letting them be a part of their own show: “Saturday Night Line.”

Hosted by former Upright Citizens Brigade member Michael Antonucci, the web series gives SNL fans a chance to meet some of the show’s current Not Ready for Primetime Players.

In the latest video, cast member Aidy Bryant lets fans in line sing some classic public domain songs with her in a “car’aoke” vehicle that just so happens to be a Honda CR-V.

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New episodes of “Saturday Night Line” are featured on at 8:00 pm on Saturdays as a prequel to that evening’s live episode of SNL, which airs at 11:30 pm. The episodes are also available on Hulu, and you can watch past installments here.

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Honda says that its sponsorship of “Saturday Night Line” is part of the automaker’s “continued investment in engaging young and young-at-heart car shoppers.” Or, in other words, they want dat sweet, sweet Millennial market share, and the HR-V Selfie Edition isn’t cutting it.