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Honda Associate Opens Her Home in Ohio to Dozens of Foster Children

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jessica smith honda what makes a honda is who makes a honda foster children

Smith, left, is a six-year associate with the Honda manufacturing plant in Ohio

Being a foster parent is no small task, but Jessica Smith and her wife Melissa have opened up their home in Ohio to more than 30 children since 2015. Smith, an associate in the Parts Quality Department of Honda Transmission Manufacturing of America, Inc. in Ohio, has been working for the company for six years and was featured in the What Makes a Honda is Who Makes a Honda series on the automaker’s YouTube channel.

In addition to fostering children, Smith and her wife adopted the first two children that were placed in their home, siblings Mary and Emily. Both girls, 11 and 12 years of age, are autistic and endured severe abuse before being placed with Jessica and Melissa. The couple has also adopted an infant.

Smith stated she never intended to simply add chaos to her life, and said, “We’re just doing what we feel is right so that we can help these kids and give them a loving home. Kids these days have a rough enough way to go.”

jessica smith honda what makes a honda is who makes a honda foster children

Jessica and her wife Melissa adopted the first two children placed with them through foster care

The program mentor, D.C. Costello, for the foster care agency — Ohio MENTOR — that works with the couple thinks Jessica and Melissa are perfect role models for potential foster parents. Their hard work and dedication toward making every child in their home feel loved and cared for is exactly what the program is looking for.

The global Honda theme called The Power of Dreams encourages Honda associates to think of ways to create value for not just customers, but also for society and how to bring those dreams to life. Jessica Smith is definitely a shining example of this commitment.