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Honda Celebrates 65 Years with Viral Hands Video

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When you think of Honda, typically cars come to mind. Although, with their new video spot, viewers will realize Honda has much, much more to offer. Honda’s new video, “Hands” hit the viral video chart this week with more than 3 million views online.

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The two minute video is beyond mesmerizing. Two hands and a simple nut transforms into several Honda innovations. From dirt pikes, to cars, to jet engines and even future car concepts, the hands morph each Honda into just about anything, celebrating 65 years of Honda technology.

If you haven’t seen this viral video yet, you are missing out big time. Not only does it highlight the best from Honda, but it shows how far our technology and animation has come making it seem like each morph is very real.

The “Hands” spot is giving Honda’s “cog” commercial a run for its money as the most memorable car ad ever created. Honda really outdid themselves with this spot, showing that they have a lot up their sleeve for the future.