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Honda Celebrates North American Suppliers

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Pam Heminger at HSC 2019
Pam Heminger, vice president for Purchasing, Honda of America
Photo: Honda

The year 2019 is full of milestones for Honda. It marks the 60th anniversary of starting sales in the US and the 40th anniversary of building products in America, so Honda saw this as a fit opportunity to honor its top North American suppliers.

At the 35th annual Honda Supplier Conference, the automaker honored 85 suppliers for their achievements in supplying parts and materials. More than 600 original equipment suppliers and 400 service parts suppliers were in attendance.

“The value of our suppliers and what they contribute to Honda is critical to our success and our effort to drive innovation into our products and production processes toward the future,” said Pam Heminger, vice president for Purchasing, Honda of America.

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Honda recognized 45 OEM parts suppliers for delivering their excellence in quality and delivery, and honored 40 service parts suppliers for their “outstanding performance in supplying service parts that serve the needs of customers.”

The automaker has more than 700 OEM suppliers providing parts to 16 plants across North America. In addition, a national network of parts and distribution facilities distribute service parts to 1,300 Honda and Acura dealerships around the country.

Since beginning production in America forty years ago, Honda now employs more than 25,000 associates at 19 plants capable of producing more than 1.92 million cars and three million engines per year, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of power equipment and powersports products. In the same time, the company has purchased parts from North American OEM suppliers adding up to over $415 billion.

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