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Honda Clarity Series Earns 2018 California Air Quality Award

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2018 Honda Clarity Series

The 2018 Honda Clarity Series has earned the 2018 California Air Quality Award for Corporate Environmental Stewardship by the Coalition for Clean Air, a non-profit organization that aims to promote clean and healthy air in California as well as advance technologies, laws, and environmental practices to that end.

The Honda Clarity Series is a lineup of three electrified models: the 2018 Clarity Plug-in Hybrid, the 2018 Clarity Electric, and the 2018 Clarity Fuel Cell. While the plug-in is available around the country, the electric model is available only in select markets in California and Oregon, and the fuel cell model is offered only in California.

It’s thus no surprise that so far, 56% of Clarity sales have been in the Golden State, which has historically been more willing than others to adopt and support new technologies such as hydrogen fuel cell propulsion. However, the automaker the continually making electrified vehicles more and more available in the rest of the United States.

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The 2018 California Air Quality Award for Corporate Environmental Stewardship was awarded to the Clarity series because the Coalition for Clean Air deemed that the car was able to “reduce or even eliminate tailpipe emissions without sacrificing style, comfort or performance.”

“The Coalition for Clean Air is proud to recognize Honda with a California Air Quality Award,” said Dr. Joseph K. Lyou, president and CEO at Coalition for Clean Air. “By leading the way in fuel efficiency among all major carmakers and committing to having two-thirds of its global automobile sales to be electrified vehicles by 2030, Honda has set a gold standard for others to follow.”

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