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Honda Enjoys March Sales Increase for Both Car & Trucks

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2018 Honda Pilot Elite

Photo: ©Honda

In the current automobile market, it’s always a time for manufacturers to celebrate when they can sell more cars than they did last year, which is just what American Honda pulled off in March.

The brand set a new sales record for the month, with 142,392 vehicles sold to mark an overall 3.8% increase compared to March 2017. Cars were up a slim 0.4% while trucks, which includes crossovers and SUVs, were up 7%.

To be fair, that includes Acura cars, which surged in March to help Honda achieve a net positive gain in that segment. Honda-branded cars alone were actually down 1.6% despite winning just about every award there is—a reflection of the SUV-dominated market.

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Still, the Civic in particular deserves praise for setting a new record with a 3.4% increase on sales of 32,584 units, making it the top-selling retail car in America (Honda is keen to point out the “retail” portion of that claim, as fleet sales have helped the rival Toyota Camry exceed the Civic’s numbers).

And while Accord sales were slower than anticipated—enough to warrant scaling back production—Honda dealers around the country still managed to sell a very respectable 24,000 units. The Fit was also the top-selling retail car in its segment.

Finally, it goes without saying that crossovers and SUVs were once again on the rise. The Odyssey was up 23.2%, the Pilot up 42.4%, the HR-V up 1.3%, and while the best-selling CR-V didn’t quite manage to top last year’s performance, Honda nonetheless sold 32,000 units.

When will the trend of buying large finally end? At the current rate, it doesn’t look like that will happen any time soon.

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