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Honda Launches New Mobile-Friendly “About” Website with Emphasis on Future

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Honda Launches Completely Redesigned, Mobile-First “About” Website

Today Honda launched a completely new “about” website ( redesigned to offer a “mobile-first approach,” with content that can be easily viewed on any type of device.

The new website emphasizes the company’s slogan, “The Power of Dreams,” and focuses on the automotive brand’s past, present, and future with an interactive timeline. Called “The Honda Time Machine,” the timeline moves backwards from the “future of mobility” in 2088 to the company’s founding by Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa in 1949.

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“We know our customers and the public have a strong appetite for information about Honda so we have created a platform that is more robust and delivers seamless accessibility to information about our products, activities and operations in North America,” said American Honda digital marketing manager Jignesh Patel. “We are excited to make the new an opportunity for unlimited information sharing about our past, present and future in America.”

In a press release, Honda stated that the new “About” website is designed to offer insights into the following four areas:

Mobility: Intelligent technologies Honda creates that enrich lives and make the world more fun and accessible — on the road, on the water, in the air and beyond. Honda’s inspiration will always be to enhance the joy and freedom of mobility.

Safety: With a focus on “safety for everyone” Honda is working to create a collision free society by 2040,  advancing everything from collision-mitigating technology to a driver safety and assistance system.

Environment: More than just creating sustainable products and processes, Honda is dedicated to ensuring Blue Skies for Our Children, reducing its environmental footprint to help protect the Earth for future generations.

Community:  Honda is dedicated to corporate social responsibility, giving back to the community by actively supporting the volunteer efforts of Honda associates and worthy organizations and communities.

The new site also features the stories of “Who Makes a Honda,” and includes a Careers section that lists job opportunities across the US currently being offered by Honda.

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