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Honda LogR App Helps Civic Type R Drivers Improve

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Honda LogR app logo
Photo: Honda

The updated 2020 Honda Civic Type R launched with an all-new datalogging app dubbed LogR designed to help drivers improve their skills at the track or other closed courses.

High-cost performance vehicles have long offered datalogging apps for such purposes, but these have rarely trickled down to more budget-friendly hot hatches such as the Civic Type R.

According to the automaker, the Honda LogR app is made up of three major components: a performance monitor, a log mode, and an auto score feature.

The performance monitor does just what you’d expect. On the Civic Type R’s display, it shows vehicle information like the temperature of the oil, water, and even of the air going in the intake. It also shows the atmospheric pressure, oil pressure, and g forces.

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The second feature, log mode, records your lap times on the track. Finally, the third feature, auto score, gives you a “driving smoothness” score based on an algorithm that Honda developed with professional drivers. The score takes acceleration, steering, and braking into account.

Though the Honda LogR app is installed on your phone, all interactions are done through the Civic Type R’s display while behind the wheel. This does require you to connect the phone via USB. After your time at the track, you can unplug the phone and get an even more detailed look at your performance, including additional vehicle info, traces and replays using GPS mapping, and previous drives.

Honda is aware that third-party tools already exist to log your performances, but it says that because the LogR app features exclusive access to the Type R’s onboard computer, no other tool can match its level of detail.

The app is expected to become available in Spring 2020 for both iPhone and Android users.

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