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Honda Looks Ahead to Navigate Turbulent Future of Autonomous Vehicles

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Google self-driving car old prototype

A self driving Accord would at least look a lot better than this
Photo: smoothgroover22

The future of self driving cars is far from a clear course – but some manufacturers believe the obstacles hindering the path toward complete vehicle automation are navigable.

Honda R&D Americas President Frank Paluch charted a possible track to self driving cars in an interview with the Columbus Dispatch, which published an interesting feature article on the concept on Sunday.

One bold prediction: in his lifetime, Paluch believes that an interconnected highway system will contain only cars that are driven via an algorithm.

By 2050, Paluch told the Dispatch, roads and vehicles will be cogs in “a network of intelligent, interconnected machines using advanced sensing and relational capabilities to inform and educate the world around them.”

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Cars would then be able to operate at speeds much greater than current limits once human error has been eliminated – Paluch predicts a trip from Florida to Columbus would take six hours.

The Honda executive said that most cars will connect drivers to advanced safety systems to reduce accidents by 2020, and within the next 20 years, those systems will be so advanced that vehicular fatalities would be considered rare.

Research scientist Arda Kurt at Ohio State University’s Center for Automotive Research said that the technology will be in place, and implementation may be a matter of getting citizens and lawmakers on board with the changes.

“Car companies are planning on building these things much sooner than (2050),” Kurt said, calling the rate of change and technical hurdles of automation “exciting (and) a bit scary.”

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News Source: Columbus Dispatch