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Honda Recognizes Indirect Procurement Suppliers in Ohio and Indiana

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Tom Lake, vice president of Purchasing at Honda North America, speaks to attendees at the Honda Indirect Procurement Supplier Conference.

Tom Lake, VP of Purchasing at Honda North America, speaks to attendees at the Honda Indirect Procurement Supplier Conference in Columbus

Honda held its annual Honda Indirect Procurement Supplier Conference yesterday, recognizing 15 suppliers that provide indirect products and services to five of the company’s manufacturing plants in Ohio and Indiana and corporate operations at Honda North America.

The suppliers that were recognized provide products and services for plants in Marysville and East Liberty, Ohio, and Greensburg, Indiana. North American Indirect Procurement also supports the Honda engine plant in Anna, Ohio, the automaker’s transmission plant in Russells Point, Ohio, and the Honda North America headquarters in Marysville, Ohio.

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Distinct from suppliers that provide parts and materials for the manufacturing of Honda vehicles and products, the more than 5,000 suppliers categorized as “indirect procurement” provide a wide variety of equipment, products, and services that support business operations and the manufacturing of automobiles at Honda facilities across the country. The list of indirect procurement suppliers includes local and national companies, many of which grew in tandem with the expansion of Honda’s automobile manufacturing in North America since 1982, when the company began its US auto production at the Marysville Auto Plant in Ohio.

“Our business is changing rapidly and this includes our procurement strategies,” said Tom Lake, vice president of Purchasing at Honda North America. “You may see yourself as a local company but I encourage you to think more broadly about your role and what it will mean to support our business. This is key to our future together.”

The 15 award-winning suppliers were honored at a ceremony in Columbus, Ohio’s Hyatt Regency for their accomplishments in the fields of Special Recognition, Outstanding Value, Performance Excellence, and Supplier of the Year.

“Our approach to looking at our suppliers as valued partners won’t change,” said Monica Oliverio, manager of the North American Indirect Procurement Department at Honda North America. “But how we go about our business must change if we are to adapt to the competitive environment and the needs of our customers.”

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Indirect purchasing for business and manufacturing operations in Indiana and Ohio last year included more than 3,000 suppliers and totaled $2.27 billion.