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Honda Sedan Sales are Slumping, Crossovers are Cruising

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2015 Honda CR-V

The 2015 Honda CR-V, which just enjoyed record June sales

Honda had a good month in June—or at least, half of the lineup did.

Overall, 118,870 Honda vehicles were sold in June 2015, representing a minor 0.9% increase over June of last year. But a definite trend emerges if you look more closely at the numbers: 61,203 of those sales were cars, down a full 11.3% from 2014, while 57,667 were trucks, up a whopping 18%.

Even though the cars are still outselling the trucks, the gap is closing fast. The Accord and Civic may always be Honda’s bread and butter, but they’re down in year-over-year sales by 18% and 14%, respectively. In fact, the only Honda car that’s seeing improved sales is the subcompact Fit (up 26% with 4,669 total sales), making the brand’s sedans look like a bunch of slackers.

It’s the opposite story for Honda’s light truck sales, though—most notably the bestselling CR-V, which posted record June sales with 28,349 total units.

The 2016 Honda Pilot Elite, on the banks of the Ohio River

The recently introduced 2016 Honda Pilot

Right now Honda light truck sales are on a record pace, and considering that the new Pilot hit dealerships on June 18th, this could be the month that the brand’s total truck sales actually surpass its total car sales.

“With the introduction of the 2016 Pilot late last month, our SUV lineup is the strongest it has ever been, and it was already in very good shape,” said Honda Division senior vice president and general manager Jeff Conrad. “The next several months will be exciting as we begin to renew and expand our car lineup.”

Perhaps the lineup expansion will breathe new life into Honda’s car sales, but the automotive market as a whole has been shying away from sedans for quite a while now, while low gas prices have made already in-demand crossovers and other larger vehicles only more popular.

Here are the full Honda June 2015 sales figures:

June 2015 Honda sales and Acura sales