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Hot Wheels is Looking for the Best Custom Car in the United States to Celebrate Its 50th Anniversary

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Chevrolet Camaro Hot Wheels Edition

Do you think your custom car is the coolest one out there? Well, now is your chance to prove it. Hot Wheels is celebrating its 50th anniversary by traveling from coast to coast on the hunt for the coolest custom car in the United States. A mini version of the vehicle will find its way onto shelves next year as a Hot Wheels die-cast toy.

A dream come true for any Hot Wheels fan.

“It is going to be an extravaganza,” said Chris Down, Hot Wheels’ senior vice president and global brand general manager. “There is crazy enthusiasm around the brand.”

The tour is called the Hot Wheels Legends Tour, and it kicked off in April at the Hot Wheels headquarters in El Segundo, California. At each of the 14 cross-country stops, executives will choose a winning car. Those 14 vehicles will be on display at the SEMA Auto Show in October, where they will pick the final winner.

For the winner of the contest, their car will go down in history. Not only is Hot Wheels celebrating its 50th anniversary, but the brand also sits at the top of success as the best-selling toy in the world, according to The New York Times.

“Everyone has a Hot Wheels car story, and they are happy to share it,” said Down. Bringing together Hot Wheels fans across the country — and at the SEMA Auto Show — is great exposure for the brand, especially among adult car enthusiasts.

The winning car’s Hot Wheels die-cast model will be for sale in the fall of 2019.

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