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How Do Potholes Form?

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How do Potholes formSo, you’ve hit your 80th pothole this winter, and now you’re asking yourself, “How do potholes form even, and why are there always so many after ever darned storm?” Lucky for you, we can fill you in. (Unluckily for you, we can’t fill in those potholes.)

Potholes are the result of precipitation seeping into the ground and under pavement, and then freezing. When this water from rain or snow freezes, it expands, creating bends and cracks – ultimately weakening the pavement. Eventually, the frozen water beneath the surface of the pavement will melt and the ground below the pavement will have voids or gaps where water will continue to get trapped. Eventually, the combination of the weak pavement and cars driving over it will break down the surface of the pavement and a pothole results.

Be aware and avoid potholes whenever possible – even the smallest of potholes can be rough on your car. Did you know there is a whole website dedicated potholes? Check it out for more information at

Potholes can be incredibly annoying and frustrating, especially when they don’t get fixed right away. Do you have a pothole story to share?