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How Many RC Cars Does it Take to Tow a Pickup Truck?

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Toyota Hilux Little and Large: Pull

How many small radio-controlled Toyota Hilux pickup trucks does it take to tow a single, full-size Toyota Hilux (known as the Toyota Tacoma in the United States)? It’s not a question to which the answer is of any use to the regular pickup consumer, but it sure looks likes Toyota had fun figuring it out anyway—and hey, why not?

The team over at Toyota UK put together a new web series titled “Hilux Little and Large” that includes four 60-second spots, each of which features 1:10-scale Tamiya RC cars alongside the real thing, as a throwback to a similar stunt from the 1980s.

While three of the videos simply show the RC cars and the Hilux mimicking each other as they shred through mud, wade through rivers, and tow another car, the fourth video show the little RC cars taking on a large feat: towing the Hilux itself.

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It took the crew only 15 RC cars to pull it off, which is actually pretty impressive. We’re not sure whether that’s a testament to the Tamiya’s remarkable electric power or to the Hilux’s relative lightweightness (though it does weigh nearly 6,500 lb)—in any case, it makes for a fun watch.

Ultimately, we find what the ads really highlight is how much fun it can be to drive the full-size Toyota Hilux in all kinds of conditions. RC cars are notable for their acceleration and agility, and when the Hilux is shown next to them, it looks almost as nimble and as quick—and just as fun to drive as the RC cars are to remotely maneuver around and over obstacles.

Take a look at the videos below and see for yourself.

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