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How the Monster Jam Freestyle Event Is Scored

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Monster Jam Show Max D truck freestyle performance scoring

One of the most exciting events during Monster Jam shows is freestyling. Each monster truck driver takes his or her truck through the course, smashing their way around—and through—obstacles. These obstacles can be anything from a dirt jump to a bus or camping caravan. Each Monster Jam driver must entertain the masses, out-performing their competition and impressing the freestyle judges. Judges then score the Monster Jam trucks on a scale of 1 to 10. Here are the criteria used to determine each driver’s score:

  • Number and variety of tricks
  • How many obstacles are hit
  • The height, length, and vertical of each jump
  • Number of donuts
  • Reversing into obstacles
  • Amount of spectacular stunts
  • Number of “saves,” during which a driver gets a truck out of a situation where it might crash
  • Wheelies
  • Sky wheelies
  • Number of combinations

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The number of points the drivers receive will also depend on the number of deductions each driver gets. Here are the situations during which deductions are given:

  • Rollovers
  • Reversing without hitting an obstacle
  • Failing to use the entire time allotted
  • Using more time than that allotted
  • Stopping at any point

After the points are tallied, then the winner is determined. If there is a tie, some judges will use what is called a “cheer-off” method. This is an applause-based tiebreaker that allows the audience to choose who wins.

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