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How to Be a Great Designated Driver

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Summer is the perfect time to party it up with friends. Maybe your comrades are planning a night out on the town, or a day-trip to local breweries or vineyards. Whatever the itinerary, it’s wise to pick a designated driver to ensure everyone stays safe while having fun. If it’s your turn to be the sober chauffeur, here are five steps to follow to rock this role.

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1. Set some ground rules

Before you and your friends hit the road, communicate your expectations for the trip. Establish a set time to leave the last destination on your itinerary. And designate a certain place to meet in case the group gets separated.

2. Prep the car

Stock your vehicle with bottled water, to keep your friends hydrated. Bring some disposable vomit bags just in case anyone overindulges.

3. Check your license and vehicle registration

Make sure your driver’s license is up to date and that the car you’ll be driving has a current registration. And remember to pack both of these items, in case you get pulled over.

4. Say yes to mocktails

While being the designated driver means that you must say no to alcoholic beverages during the outing, you can still enjoy non-alcoholic ones. Pack your favorite mocktail with you, if you’re traveling to places that let you bring in your own drinks. And bring extra to share with other designated drivers you encounter.

5. Be vigilant about open containers

Make sure no passenger brings opened containers of alcohol in the car at any point during the outing. Remind friends to throw away these containers or secure them in the vehicle’s trunk before you drive the group to another destination.

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