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How to Choose the Best Speakers for Your Car

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If you’re looking for a lively entertainment and sound system for your car, it’s time to look into getting aftermarket car speakers. In order to find your ideal car speaker system, there are a number of factors and features you need to look out for.

Type of Speakers

There are two main types of speakers to choose from. Component speakers use a superior design and include two separate tweeters, external crossovers, and woofers. On the other hand, full-range speakers contain all the same elements in a single speaker. It is a simpler speaker with a woofer, mounted tweeter, and additional drivers. Check out the car speaker buying guidelines at Speaker Champion to get an idea of the wide range of speakers available.


The sensitivity of your car speaker is very crucial because it will determine how much sound the speaker can produce depending on the power applied to it. Look for speakers with over 90 dB for better sound. When you have a high power system that is offered by an aftermarket external amp or stereo system, look for a speaker with a low sensitivity system. This will assure you of high-quality sound.

Swiveling or Pivoting Tweeters

Full range speakers with pivoting tweeters will have a big effect on your sound system. The tweeters are able to produce a directional frequency. Therefore, those looking for a higher sound-stage need to go for pivoting tweeters.

Speaker Materials

The material used in making the speaker determines sound quality and how long the speaker will last. Woofer material is lightweight yet very stiff, which produces a low note in your music. Surround speakers are usually made of rubber and allow for easy movement of the speaker for a bolder bass. Tweeters are made of soft material such as silk, textile blend, and poly.

External Crossovers

An external crossover is ideal for bringing out a clean and clear sound between the frequencies sent to the tweeter and those sent to the woofer. Since many crossovers have an extra input terminal, you are assured of bi-amping, which will greatly enhance your sound system.

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